Author Guidelines

LIBRES welcomes submission of research papers and scholarly articles on any aspect of Library and Information Science/Service (LIS), but especially in emerging areas of LIS or exploring novel perspectives and conceptions that advance theory and practice.

LIBRES has a number of sections:

1. Research paper reporting a completed study that advances the field or profession
2. Synthesis paper that surveys an area of LIS to synthesize a new or better understanding
3. Opinion/perspectives paper that explores a new conception of an aspect of LIS in a scholarly way.

Papers submitted for publication must not have been published elsewhere, or under consideration for publication by another journal or conference.

There is no charge to the author(s) or the authors’ institution for paper review and/or publication in LIBRES e-journal.

Submitted papers are blind reviewed by at least two referees. The reviews will pay particular attention to whether the papers are interesting, useful, thoughtful, and a significant contribution to knowledge in the LIS field. Though a submitted paper may report a study focusing on a certain geographic area:
– the literature review needs to point out theories/frameworks relevant to the topic, and summarize results of similar/related studies in other countries
– the discussion/conclusion section needs to compare the results obtained with results from other studies, and discuss how the results enrich theory and knowledge in the field.


1. In-line citations and references must follow the format specified in the APA (American Psychological Association) Publication Manual.

2. Papers should be submitted for review as Microsoft Word documents to assist editorial feedback. Articles are published in Adobe PDF format.

3. A paper should include a structured abstract of maximum 250 words with the following elements:

Contributions: [significance, usefulness, implications, contribution to theory]

If the above elements are not appropriate for the type of research or paper, the author may suggest a suitable structured abstract for the paper.


Paper should be submitted by email to the LIBRES editor at:

Every effort will be made to execute reviews within 60 days of receipt.


The official language of LIBRES is English.


Copyright of articles published by LIBRES e-journal is held by the author(s) of a given article. If an article is re-published elsewhere it must include a statement that it was originally published in LIBRES.

Beginning with volume 27 (2017), articles will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

LIBRES publishers reserve the right to permanently maintain open access to all published articles, to maintain permanent archival copies of all submissions and to provide print and/or electronic copies to appropriate services for indexing and microforming.


LIBRES will not accept papers containing material that have been plagiarised from other sources. LIBRES Editor reserves the right to submit papers to a plagiarism checking service. LIBRES will not accept resubmissions or revisions of papers that have been rejected on account of plagiarism.