Volume 23, Issue 2

September 2013


Selecting the right search term in query-based systems for deduplication
Harald Jele, University of Klagenfurt, Austria, harald.jele@uni-klu.ac.at


This section contains the three research papers delivered at the recent Workshop on Global Collaboration of Information Schools http://www.cisap.asia/IFLA2013/index.html held before the IFLA 2013 Singapore conference. I approached the workshop organisers, CiSAP http://www.cisap.asia/ and was granted permission to reprint them in LIBRES, in the interests of promoting a research approach to workshop and conference papers.

Technology impacts on curriculum of library and information science (LIS) – a United States (US) perspective
Sharon Hu, Chicago State University, USA, chu@csu.edu

Being interdisciplinary: a look into the background and experiences of iSchool faculty members
Lili Luo, San Jose State University, USA, lili.luo@sjsu.edu

Detecting collaboration patterns among iSchools by linking scholarly communication to social networking at the macro and micro levels
So-Young Yu, Hannam University, Korea, soyoungyu201@gmail.com

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