Lourdes T. David
Professional Regulatory Board for Librarians, Professional Regulation Commission,
Manila, Philippines

Stephen B. Alayon
Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center,
Iloilo, Philippines

The paper examines digitization and preservation initiatives in selected academic and research libraries in the Philippines. It identifies the drivers for the projects, practices followed, and issues encountered. Most of the projects were initiated by the librarians in cooperation with information and communication technology personnel. The selection of the materials for digitization was based on demand, the condition of the print format, and importance of the materials for future use. Conversion into microfilm from digital format, use of Internet mirror sites, and off-site repositories of data on hard disks were some of the preservation methods practiced by libraries. Challenges faced by digital curation activities include the need to develop digital curation skills of information professionals and researchers, and to develop the information infrastructure of the institutions and the country.

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Cite: David, L. T., & Alayon, S. B. (2016). Digital curation projects: A study of selected academic and research repositories in the Philippines. LIBRES, 26(1), 89-98.